About Ukrainian Flavors

About Ukrainian Flavors

Welcome to Ukrainian Flavors! We are a Ukrainian family that has come to California, and our goal is to share our rich culinary heritage with the residents of the Ventura County.

For generations, our family traditions have included preparing the favorite dish of all Ukrainians – varenyky (dumplings). Varenyky are not just a dish for us; they are our soul and a way to express our love for Ukrainian culture and taste.

We aspire to share this deliciousness with you. We provide frozen varenyky that you can keep in your freezer and prepare at your convenience whenever you crave the flavor of ukrainian dumplings.

Soon we will be open to collaborating with restaurants and local stores to supply them with our products, which they can offer to their guests and customers.

We believe that Ukrainian cuisine has the potential to capture the hearts of many, and we are ready to do everything possible to make that happen.

We have an immense love for Ukrainian cuisine, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share it with you.

Enjoy and bon appétit with Ukrainian Flavors!

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